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Nagasaki Sound is an online mastering studio serving musicians, producers, and labels worldwide. We rock out complete professional mastering services to discerning clients worldwide, with a focus on all things rock, electronic, and pop. Mastering engineer Steve Nagasaki has a serious passion for modern music and great sound. You’ll get killer mastering and outstanding personal service at affordable rates. Take your music to the next level…

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What Our Clients Say

Ryan Sanders
Steve, just wanted to let you know that the final masters sound excellent, I can’t wait to distribute this project now. Thank you so much for your time and great quality work! I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Ryan Sanders True Bars
JD Keiser
Thanks for everything Steve, the masters are sounding HUGE! We really appreciate your technical expertise and working with us to reach our vision. I will definitely be recommending other bands I mix to go to you for the finishing touches! Cheers!
JD Keiser Laughing Lion Productions
Steve, we are so stoked with masters you gave us. I was personally super happy with the extra clarity between the guitars (among many other things). You absolutely killed it man! …hopefully we’ll be working with you again before long!
Will Eat Your Heart Out
Rohan Kumar
You sir, are a genius. You are the only engineer i’ve worked with that always gets my image and perspective of the song across the line at mastering time! …It’s got that top end brightness and definition and the low end is tight and not overly boomy! Cheers…
Rohan Kumar Broken Sound Studios
“I tried out several mastering previews for this track and yours clearly stands out as the very best ! I love what you did to the tune, that analog character was really missing, and that extra punch works really well… Thanks again, you sir, are now my go-to mastering engineer!”
Dmitri Tetrapod

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