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Specializing in Rock, Electronic, Pop, and custom projects.

Nagasaki Sound Mastering Studio small logoI’m Steve Nagasaki, a mastering engineer with a serious passion for modern, cutting-edge music and great sound.

Nagasaki Sound is a mastering studio specializing in rock, metal, electronic, and pop. We deliver killer audio mastering and outstanding personal service at affordable rates. Have a look around the site and discover what we can do for your music. Let’s rock! Get Started Now.

Nagasaki Sound is a USA-based online mastering studio serving musicians, producers, and labels worldwide. We rock out complete professional mastering services to discerning clients. We focus on modern genres like metalcore, post hardcore, progressive, electronic, and popcore as well as more traditional metal, rock, punk, and pop. Our mastering services include standard stereo mastering, stem mastering, Mastered For iTunes, DDPi, restoration, repair, and more. We master albums, Eps, singles, and special projects according to industry standards and best practices.  We can handle your project for any destination: vinyl, disc, WAV, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud, Beatport, Bandcamp, video, radio, tv, and film.

Quality: We’ve got the gear, the custom studio, and the tested experience to create outstanding masters. But talk is cheap, so check out the sounds from our happy clientele on this website.

Service: Nagasaki Sound delivers complete mastering services to clients worldwide. Easy file transfers, great communication, and fast turnaround meet the needs of the modern musician.

Value: An exceptional service at affordable rates. We run a tight ship with low overhead and pass the savings on to you. Pay for great mastering, not a costly NYC studio space.

Pop Punk Mastering

Watch the short video below from our YouTube Channel, featuring recent pop punk and popcore mastering studio clients.

Metal Mastering

Here’s another short video featuring some of our metal mastering projects. Music styles include progressive, metal, and metalcore examples.


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Nagasaki Sound offers a free mastering sample for new clients. Upload your song and we’ll show you how our mastering can improve your music. Serious inquiries only, please.

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