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Nagasaki Sound is an American mastering studio that provides absolutely killer audio mastering to clients worldwide. Mastering engineer Steve Nagasaki brings serious experience, unwavering attention to detail, and outstanding personal service to your audio project.

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About the Mastering Studio

Our mastering studio was founded in Las Vegas in 2010 by Steve Nagasaki to meet the growing needs of modern independent artists. The mission is to deliver killer audio mastering with outstanding personal service at affordable rates. We’re especially focused on Rock, Metal, Electronic, and Pop.  Our work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Spin, Metal Hammer, Suicide Sheep, Beatport, It Dents! TV, Times Music and more.  Hit that play button and discover why artists around the world trust us with their music.  Start your mastering project now, or get a free mastering sample!

Mastering Services

Nagasaki Sound provide a full range of mastering services to discerning clients who demand amazing results. Our audio mastering studio offers stereo mastering, stem mastering, Mastered For iTunes, DDPi, custom editing and more. We can make your next album, EP, single, or special project meet its full potential. Our mastering studio preps your audio to the latest industry standards for digital distribution, vinyl, compact disc, iTunes, Youtube, video and more.

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Pop Punk Mastering

A short video compilation of our Pop Punk and Popcore mastering clients.

Metal Mastering

Watch a quick video of our Metal mastering clients in several sub-genres.

Indie Rock Mastering

Take a listen to our Indie Rock and Acoustic mastering work.

Why Choose Our Mastering Studio?

Quality: We’ve got the gear, the custom studio, and the tested experience that creates outstanding masters. Listen to audio from our many happy clients.

Service: Nagasaki Sound delivers audio mastering services to clients worldwide. Easy file transfer, great communication, and fast turnaround meet your needs.

Value: An exceptional service at affordable rates. We run a tight ship with low overhead and pass the savings on to you.

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JD Keiser
Laughing Lion Productions
Producer / Mix Engineer

Thanks for everything Steve, the Masters are sounding HUGE! We really appreciate your technical expertise and working with us to reach our vision. I will definitely be recommending other bands I mix to go to you for the finishing touches! Cheers!

Vocals, Production

Hello Steve! It’s really great what you’re doing… thank you so much! We have listened to the masters with the supacrews.. Anyway, my guitarist is saying ” Nagasaki Sound! Wow… that ROCKS !!”

electronica mastering client: Music By Programmers
Music By Programmers
Programmer, Synths

The album’s a tribute to our computing heritage, evoking a classic era of electronica at the dawn of the home computing boom, epitomised by pioneers like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. It’s all done using software, but it has that warm, punchy analog feel – like it was recorded to tape circa 1980. That’s down to the work of our amazing mastering engineer (Steve Nagasaki) at Nagasaki Sound.

Jordan Howe
Saint Lucifer
Vocals, Guitars

I was looking for a mastering guy who could bring out the big sound we were looking for. Steve was extremely helpful and sent me several reference masters to make sure I got what I was looking for. The finished masters sound fantastic and I would recommend any hard rock/metal bands out there looking for a world class job at a great price to contact Steve.

Beatport Mix 007 DJ Mix Mastering by Nagasaki Sound
Peter Wohelski
Label Manager, North & South America

Nagasaki Sound is my first go-to choice in mastering for our Beatport Mix product. In the digital age, you have your choice of engineers all throughout the spectrum and Nagasaki Sound delivers a great, natural sounding product at an outstanding price and best of all, delivers ON TIME, even with a tight deadline.

Cathleen and Alrus
Producer / Mix Engineer

Hey Steve – I’m impressed with what you have done with my song in such little time! It sounds way cleaner and the instruments have so much more room to breath. I also love what you did with the stereo imaging!

Progressive Metal Mastering client: ESCAPIST EP: All At Sea
Angus Meggs

Steve Nagasaki, you are a beast at what you do. The tracks have come up brilliantly. Nagasaki Sound are without a doubt the BEST place to get your material mastered. Rates are incredible, quality is second to none, and Steve himself is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Rohan Kumar
Broken Sound Studios
Mix Engineer

You sir, are a genius. You are the only engineer i’ve worked with that always gets my image and perspective of the song across the line at mastering time! It sounds like my mix, which is exactly what i wanted to hear! EXCEPT, it’s better! It’s got that top end brightness and definition and the low end is tight and not overly boomy! Cheers again, man. Will definitely have more stuff sent your way very soon! :)

Punk mastering YWIG
Your Weight in Gold

Thanks Steve, both sound great!! I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for mastering and you’ll hear from us again on our upcoming EP.


I tried out several mastering previews for this track and yours clearly stands out as the very best! I love what you did to the tune, that analog character was really missing, and that extra punch works really well… Thanks again. You sir, are now my go-to mastering engineer!


The EP is finally out :) We really appreciate your work and i hope to work again with you in the future. Thank you so much Steve! Have a nice holiday :)

Christian Lauria - Lillye, Machine Men Studios 2017
Christian Lauria
Machine Men Studios
Mix Engineer

Hey Steve – Great job… you nailed it, band is rapped. Great work… got 3 more nearly completed coming your way.. another nine and a 15 tracker… Cheers.

Storm the Sun

The ‘So Long, The Deep End Awaits’ ep was mastered at Nagasaki Sound. The turnaround time, price, and quality were the best out of several samples we received.

Al Charat

Sound amazing! I love the 2nd version you sent me! Uploaded it to my Soundcloud as soon as I heard it :). Thank you so much, I’ll hit you up the next time I have a track that needs to be mastered. Thanks for the good work.

Free Mastering Sample

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