Album Mastering

Nagasaki Sound provides professional album mastering services to independent artists worldwide. We deliver albums mastered for CD, vinyl, digital distribution, and download. Using a combination of high end analog and digital gear, album mastering is executed to modern industry standards. Listen to audio clips from albums mastered here for an idea of the care and quality control we are known for. Nagasaki Sound delivers your album mastering project securely via downloadable DDPi, physical disc DDPi, standard WAV files, or according to your specialized format needs. We’ve fully integrated Apple’s new ‘Mastered for iTunes’ tools and standards into our album mastering process.

What Does Album Mastering Include?

An album is not simply a collection of songs, but a complete creative work. All the tracks should work together to make a cohesive, consistent, dynamic musical statement. CD, EP, and album mastering includes many technical processes to reach that goal. We begin by providing mix feedback if necessary. When your mixes are ready, the mastering process begins. The processing applied to your album can include equalization, stereo image adjustment, mid-side manipulation, compression, limiting, fade creation, conversion, dithering, and  additional creative processes. We can make spacing and sequencing suggestions. Depending on your exact needs, we also offer:

  • ‘Mastered for iTunes’ high resolution source files
  • CD-TEXT, ISRC, UPC/EAN codes
  • DDPi Master Delivery
  • Reference Discs
  • 16 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo WAV files
  • High Quality Reference MP3 files
  • Gracenote, CDDB submission
  • Custom Editing

“Steve has become part of my brains trust. He has one of the best ears I have come across and has spared no effort to add his magic to the album.” – Parth

“Steve of Nagasaki Sound is the real deal. I contacted a good dozen online mastering studios and I’m glad I chose Nagasaki Sound. The mastering was professional, natural and Steve was just a nice guy who gave personal, quick responses. It was such an easy process and i can’t recommend Nagasaki Sound highly enough. Thanks Steve!!!” – Steve Lam, Escapist

Why Choose Nagasaki Sound?

Your music is everything. Your album won’t leave the mastering studio until it sounds amazing, and you’re happy. Listen for yourself. And feel free to ask any of our clients about their experience with us, or just read the testimonials throughout the website.

Easy, fast, and secure file transfers meet the needs of modern musicians. Pay via PayPal, upload your album to our dropbox, and receive the mastered project just days later. Preview your album exactly as it will be replicated with our custom Nagasaki DDP Player (Mac/PC). Cool stuff!

We provide exceptional service at rates friendly to independent artists. Steve Nagasaki created this mastering studio to cater to the new breed of artist. We run a tight ship with low overhead. You pay for great mastering, not an expensive NYC studio space.