Heavy Metal Mastering: Saint Lucifer’s ‘The New Messiah’

Here’s a video from a recent heavy metal mastering client at Nagasaki Sound. Sydney, Australia’s metal band Saint Lucifer contacted me after hearing my work on another Aussie project, Escapist’s Storm in a Think Tank EP. Frontman Jordan Howe was a cool dude, very laid back and easy to work with. Mix engineer Christian Lauria from Machine Men Studios made my job easy with a wicked set of mixes. I especially appreciated the hot snare level, which tucked into the mix nicely after mastering without losing the attack transients. The album came out great. Check out Saint Lucifer’s album ‘The New Messiah’ , out now.

Indie Rock Mastering Client: HOLIDAY “We Don’t Sleep” Video

Here’s a cool video from indie rock mastering client Holiday, signed to Township Records. The audio has been downsampled a bit thanks to YouTube, so check our Listen page for better quality audio samples. This video shows that is doesn’t take a huge budget to make a fun and interesting piece, just some imagination and a decent camera. And next time you are in Austin, TX and starved for some local indie rock, check the club listings and hit up a Holiday show! Need an Indie Rock Mastering Engineer? If you’re an indie rock band or mix engineer and looking for an online mastering studio who understands the genre, audience, and modern listening environments, give us a shout. We offer a [button type=”tiny” url=”” ]free sample…

Talented Kids Cover Steve Vai’s “Bad Horsie”

I discovered Aaron O’Keefe and his talented group of young music students a few months ago when I ran across a video post on Blabbermouth of them rocking a version of Cowboys From Hell. Whaaaat?!?!?!  I got in touch with Aaron, who gives private lessons to kids age 10-18 at his music academies in Loveland, Maineville, and Lebanon OH. He keeps his students interested in practice and lessons by teaching them modern rock and metal music, with an opportunity to capture their performances in a pro studio and make videos. I had a great time mastering their latest work, “Bad Horsie” by Steve Vai. Props to the kids, Aaron, and the fantastic work by mix engineer Dan Agee, who made my job easy.. check out the…

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