Kids Cover TOOL’s “The Pot” For Battle Record

We’ve been mastering for The O’Keefe Music Foundation for several years now. Aaron and his students never fail to disappoint with some truly awesome results. The videos are always fairly popular, but a couple have reached well into the millions of views on YouTube. Google “Kids cover Tool’s 46 and 2” to watch one of the biggest viral hits. This time around, he assembled another great lineup of kids to tackle  “The Pot” by Tool. There’s a bit more to the story that you can check out on their Kickstarter. Here’s one of the versions they recorded, “The Pot (version 2)” with one of OMF’s breakout discoveries on vocals, the very talented Kala. Enjoy! Mixed by Jeffro at Jeffro Mixes You. Mastered here by Steve at Nagasaki Sound.