Call The Police, The Bob Gordons Are Here!

Oi! Get rowdy with The Bob Gordons’ new music video for “Call The Police”. The performance video was filmed live at The Causeway and Amplifier Bar by Merch Girl Films. The Bob Gordons’ new album Straight Hedge showcases a brand of punk rock to get any party started. Warning: listening may produce strong urges to pogo. Album mastered by Steve Nagasaki at Nagasaki Sound. #punk #rock #mastering  

Nagasaki Sound In Metal Hammer Magazine

Nagasaki Sound Mastering Metal Hammer

Nagasaki Sound got some ink in the new Metal Hammer magazine (Spain edition), courtesy of our mastering work for metal band WE ALL FALL. Their new album “Miasmatic” is a cohesive, solid, devastating piece of work, with influences from Gojira, Metallica, Tool, and Meshuggah. The album was mastered here by Steve Nagasaki in late 2014, and is guaranteed to crush you. \m/ #Madrid #metal #mastering

Singapore Rocks With THE BLACK MONOLITH

We’re setting off 2015 loud and dirty with The Black Monolith. These hard rockers from Singapore are primed to make some serious moves in the new year, judging from their debut singles. Head over to their Bandcamp and grab a free download now! Mixed by Damien NG, mastered by Steve Nagasaki #hardrock #mastering

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