EDM Mastering Spotlight: Simon Latham ‘We Try’

EDM mastering client and friend Simon Latham is a veteran in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. Simon had his first dance hit in the early 90’s as part of the UK band Soundsation. His tracks have received play from the biggest names in dance like Sasha, John Digweed, Pete Tong, and Dave Seaman. Simon runs his own label Airport Route Recordings out of Reykjavik, Iceland which exposes the global community to up and coming talent with every release. I had the privilege to work on his latest album ‘ibreathe‘.

Metal Mastering: Saint Lucifer “Ain’t Dead Yet”

Listen to audio from heavy metal mastering client Saint Lucifer. This hard rockin’ band out of Sydney, Australia is somewhat of a supergroup, featuring members from several influential bands of the region. Frontman Jordan Howe knew exactly what type of sound he wanted on the band’s new album The New Messiah. We worked together to get a crushing loud sound with a strong midrange presence, while retaining articulation in the guitars and transient response.

Hard Rock Mastering: Black Wolf Howl

I had a great time working on this hard rock mastering project for Black Wolf Howl. From their ReverbNation profile: “Black Wolf Howl is half of El Paso, Texas blues rock band, Sweet Wolf. Opting for a darker, heavier sound, Black Wolf Howl draws on blues-infused grooves and infectious hooks, driven by searing guitar riffs.” The band and mix engineer Moss were looking to retain a warm, dark, dirty vibe in the mastering process. We ended up with a nice treatment that will make you want to shower after listening. Killer!

Country Mastering: Munk Duane Band

My friend and extremely talented musician Munk Duane hollered at me last week with a rush project for his newest creative endeavor, the Munk Duane Band. I have always been impressed by his music and writing skills, but he’s taken things to a new level with this project, and a new genre for him. Expecting something akin to hard rock, alternative, or electronic like his previous work, I was shocked to hear some authentic, rockin’, Southern-flavored country, with a pop sensibility. The last guy I ever expected to receive a country mastering job from was Munk! As always, he did an incredible job of mixing. Mastering the five tracks was easy: just get it louder without f**king it up!  After a set of revisions with some low end tweaking, the songs…

Country Mastering: Modern Earl

A recent country mastering project at Nagasaki Sound was the new album from Modern Earl, Inlaws and Outlaws. Their sound encompasses equal parts twang, blues, and  Southern Rock, with moments of simple acoustic guitar and vocals ( Ain’t No Sin ) next to anthem country rock ( Road Trippin’ ). Frontman Christopher “Earl” Hudson wanted competitive loudness, but with a nice punch and clarity in the mids and top end. Also important to the band was a cohesive album from start to finish, with a nice flow to it. Much of today’s music is crushed and slammed either in the mastering or mix stage in the endless quest to get it louder than “the other guys”. Chris wanted to be sure that we avoided that, and I was glad to hear this. The mastered audio…

Indie Rock Mastering: Holiday “Heart Can’t Take”

We love mastering indie rock albums at Nagasaki Sound. Austin, Texas indie rock band Holiday has a great new album out entitled Things Can Be Different on Township Records. Label owner and bassist Wayne Dalchau wanted to get a very natural, dynamic sound from this indie rock mastering project. Here’s a clip from the song ‘Heart Can’t Take’. “The sh*t sounds tight!” -Wayne Dalchau, Holiday [line] Are you looking for a great indie rock mastering engineer? Take your indie rock album to the next level with us. We can help you with mix feedback, sequencing, track spacing, editing, metadata and more. We’ve also integrated Apple’s new ‘Mastered for iTunes” standards into our studio. Try us out free! [button type=”tiny” url=””]Click to get started.[/button]

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