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Mastering Services & Rates

Nagasaki Sound offers a full range of professional online mastering services. Mastering engineer Steve Nagasaki utilizes a hybrid mix of analog and digital processing to enhance your audio and bring out the absolute best in your mixes. From completely transparent to in-your-face, you tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll get you there. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. We have a history of making our mastering clients into very happy customers. Below are the online mastering services and options we offer for singles, EP, and album mastering.

online mastering services Nagasaki Sound

Per Song (album): $55

Special rate for EP/Album projects (4 song minimum). Same as single mastering, plus sequencing, spacing, and fades consultation and execution. A DDPi may be required for CD releases, see below.

Per Song (single): $70

Standard mastering of stereo (L/R) source files. Stereo mastering is the most common method. It includes mix feedback, WAV download, reasonable revisions, and reference 320 kbps MP3.

Stem Mastering: $90/hr.

Stem mastering from multiple stereo pairs, typically 4-8 groups. Stem mastering allows a deeper level of access than stereo mastering.

Mastered for iTunes (MFiT): $20 add-on per song

online-mastering-services-Mastered-for-iTunes-Nagasaki-SoundNagasaki Sound offers additional masters conforming to Apple’s new ‘Mastered for iTunes’ (MFiT) standards. Utilizing proprietary tools and analysis, we prepare an extra set of premasters to clients, optimized for conversion into Apple’s AAC format. You should supply 24bit, 44kHz mixes or higher. Be aware that MFiT versions will be 1-2dB quieter than your standard masters. This is normal when creating masters as per Apple’s technical guidelines and avoids ISP’s (intersample peaks) and conversion distortion.

Read more on Apple’s website about ‘Mastered for iTunes’.

DDPi: $55

DDPi (Disc Description Protocol image) is the modern industry standard for delivery of audio premasters. It’s an error-free, fast, convenient method to instantly transfer your EP or album premasters from our mastering studio to you and the CD replication plant. The DDPi fileset includes the audio files, PQ codes, ISRC and UPC codes, CD-TEXT, and additional data. If you are planning on a physical release (cd, vinyl) over 500 units, a DDPi is recommended. You download the secure DDPi  and preview with our custom DDPi player . Clients can listen, check CD TEXT and ISRC, and burn your own reference discs. DDPi can also be delivered on disc. Please see the Online Mastering Services Price List below for cost differences.

Restoration + Repair: $90/hr.

Nagasaki Sound repairs and restores damaged audio utilizing the latest tools and years of experience. We can remove noise, hiss, buzz, hum, clicks, crackle, and other unwanted sounds, even from complex material. This can be accomplished transparently and with incredibly natural results using advanced restoration and repair software. Applications include:

  • cleaning up lecture audio
  • mastering audio books
  • eliminating clips, crackles, and AC ground buzz or hum from music recordings
  • transferring old records, tapes, cassettes to digital (WAV files)
  • repairing scratched cd’s or clipped digital files
  • editing and enhancing speech recordings

Custom Audio Editing, Etc.: $90/hr.

We edit audio according to your specific needs. Billed hourly. Contact us to discuss your project, or anything else not listed in our online mastering services.

Nagasaki Sound Extended Price List 2014

Nagasaki Sound Price List
Service Description Price
Stereo Mastering: 1-3 songs Standard rate. Under 4 songs, per song, under 10 min. Includes mix check, reasonable revisions, reference 320 kbps MP3 70
Stereo Mastering: 4+ songs Album rate. 4 song minimum, per song, under 10 min. Includes mix check, reasonable revisions, reference 320 kbps MP3 55
'Mastered For iTunes' Version 24 bit, high resolution (no SRC) PCM files, optimized for iTunes per Apple standards. Additional add-on per song. 20
Alternate Version Radio edit, extended, instrumental, acapella, etc. Does not include remixes. 20
Remix Version Rate available if we mastered the original. 55
Stem Mastering Stem mastering of multiple stereo pairs, typically 4-8. Billed hourly. 90
DDPi – Download DDPi via download. Includes digital transfer to client and plant. 55
DDPi – Disc DDPi on disc. *shipping extra. 70*
Reference CD For personal listening only, not replication. *Shipping extra. 10*
Restoration and Repair By arrangement, billed hourly. 90
DJ Mix Mastering Billed hourly. 90
Custom Editing By arrangement, billed hourly. Contact us with your special needs. 90

Online Mastering vs. Attended Session

The music and recording industry has changed drastically in recent years. Artists and labels now write, create, record, produce, market, and release at light speed. The old model of taking years to release music is over. Entire albums are now completed in months, weeks, sometimes even days. Along with that, budgets are smaller. Don’t waste your band’s money paying for a corporate studio’s rent and marketing. Nagasaki Sound can deliver the same premium results at a far better price. The online mastering services you get from Nagasaki Sound are identical in scope and quality to an attended session, but at a much more affordable price. We communicate extensively and often with clients throughout the mastering process. You will always be aware and informed of your project status. We view mastering as a collaboration, and go out of our way to make clients feel involved in the process. We even offer free revisions if you need tweaks to the masters. Many happy clients have used our online mastering services. We hope you will join the crew!